Trust Wallet Airdrop TWT Token $10 Free tokens – Crypto Tamil

Trust Wallet Airdrop TWT Token $10 Free Tokens

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Steps to Get Free TWT Tokens Follow below steps :

Step 1: First Download Trust wallet and make new Multi coin account.
–*If you already have or installed trust wallet you must update the app to get free tokens.To download app for your Android and iOS use this link
Step 2:  After installing the app then open the app create new account.
Step 3: After successfully created new account must open this link in your installed smartphone to receive free TWT tokens.



Step 4: After clicking this link you will redirect to playstore and open Trust wallet app you get a popup box that showing redeem or promo code.

Step 5: Refer more by sharing this app to your circle.

About Trust Wallet:

Trust wallet is the most one of the famous crypto currency wallet to store your cryptos anonymously.It has high security features to enable the hassle free transaction on blockchain.One of the most trusted crypto currency wallet app in Android and iOS.Every month begging the Tokens will be distributed to your Trust Wallet.This app is the most trusted crypto wallet in the world.Trust wallet use and tips are if you use any wallet please backup and save your secret phrase or private key in safe place,that’s not anyone can reach that.Because private key is more important for all your crypto wallets.Every wallet you create they automatically generate  new phrase for all created.Not same for everyone,it was generated by blockchain machine,they are very intelligent and don’t generate same key to another wallet.So make it safe and hide it only accessible by you.Thank you I hope you all like this post.Please share it with friends.

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