Earn Crypto for Engaging with Messages | Birdchain App Earn from your SMS & Engagement

Earn more crypto tokens by simply viewing messages and ads on mobile.Today we are back one cool app that called Birdchain it allows you to earn more money just by engaging.

What is Birdchain?

Birdchain is the app is the easy-to-use community content and marketing platform for the sharing economy era.In this app you can sell your unused SMS to earn Bird Tokens.

Steps to Earn Bird Tokens :

Step 1 : First install Birdchain App Get Free Bird Tokens Join Now
Step 2 : After installing app signup and complete the process.

birdchain digimaxapps
Image Credit : Google Playstore

Step 3 : On daily you will receive app notifications and email about new ads available open app to earn.
Step 5 : Earn more tokens by sharing this app to your friends you get 50Bird Tokens for inviting one people.Use my link to receive signup bonus.

birdchain digimaxapps
Image Credit : Google Playstore

About Birdchain :

Every month you waste all the free unused SMS of your phone plan.
Not anymore. Birdchain knows their value and how to puts them to good use.

birdchain digimaxapps
Image Credit : Google Playstore

Every day you waste your time, attention and engagement on useless ads everywhere.Not anymore. Birdchain knows its value and how to puts it to good use.

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